The Loss of Innocence


Most people can't say they were adopted, placed into the foster care system, and then adopted again.

Even as I type, I have to pause and let the enormity of that sink in. But it's never something I have taken the time to even let sink in. I was too busy moving to each next chapter of my life.

But now in my 30's I finally feel as if I 'made it out', but in reality I haven't it's just that I've reached the reflection point of my journey.

Up until three or so years ago I didn't have a picture of myself as a child in my possession. I had no idea of what I looked like as a child. And for the ordeals found myself in, I can't ever remember viewing myself in such an innocent state.

Even though undoubtedly I was.

But I have zero memories of that innocence. That's what makes it hard to reflect because I know in my journey it is the one thing I truly lost and can't get back.