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Pictures are memories attached to feelings and the general thought is that the camera should come out only at the milestones of life, but I beg to differ. We all have memories that are attached moments that are not milestones. It could be you reading a book to your child. cooking supper for your husband, or you in the garden pulling weeds because it's therapeutic. But the gem about these moments is they take place in a space that is completely yours. Your HOME. Place that is an extension of the identity of the people who reside in it. Its a place that brings you to peace, but gives you moments that fill you with every emotion under the sun.  These moments should be captured memorialized to. 

Being homebound is about living your life in space that can be your greatest adventure and your most sacred sanctuary.There is no shame in being in love with all of the feelings that exist in YOUR space. YOUR family's space. Homebound sessions aren't for anyone else.


Kinda scary right?  Don't be. One of my favorite things to do is swiping through my personal Instagram feed. Its filled with little moments, emotions and fun of my family as we are caught up in our own little world. These images are beyond precious to me, just as I know your homebound moments are and will be precious to you. Each session comes with and 8x8 photo book of images telling the story of your homebound moments. 


Each session comes with at softcover photobook with a peek-a-boo cover. Additional prints and products purchased separately. Digtial collections are available upon resquest. Typically, clients spend $500- $1200 on their product collections.

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