Relax, Explore and Celebrate Love.

Let's make a wonderful story of your everyday life. We can play in the leaves, relax at home, or explore a near by waterfall. What I can promise is that whether we are welcoming your newborn home, celebrating a childhood milestone or taking a moment capture your family dynamics, ID Photography is ready to capture the moments you love, with the ones you love most. 

Let's Plan the Perfect Session.

I fully believe that the back drop of an image helps in giving an image an extra dose of special. This is why I hand pick all my locations based on my client's preference, so feel free to let me know if you have a location in mind! If not I'll ask a few questions to get an understanding of what you like to do and where you are most comfortable.

If you think your family would be more comfortable in your home, be sure to check out my Homebound Sessions

What to Wear, What to Wear

One way to make your session unique is coordinates outfits. But to be honest, its not required so don't spend time stressing if everything looks just 'right.' One way to take the stress off is pick and activity you want to do and dress for the occasion! Another tip I always tell clients is to dress for the feel of your session. Do you want a cozy look?  Is your family going on a fun afternoon at the park? Or even do you just like the combo of blue and green together? Any of these styles are fine. Just make sure you feel comfortable. Lifestyle session have a lot of interaction and action built into them so being comfortable is the most important part! 

Psst...its ok if you're still unsure what to here for some style inspiration!