Southern Minnesota & twin cities family and wedding photographer, brittany Nash

When I started in photography over 7 years ago, I never would have guessed I would have touched the lives of so many people. I was a young black woman from Minnesota who was just figuring herself out as she built a business, only knowing that she wanted to leave a legacy of people celebrating their lives through imagery. 

Images are Memories Accompanied by Feelings
I have been called a forward thinker, an old soul, stubborn and difficult and a good friend to seek advice from. But when I pick up my camera, I'm a memory catcher. And this job is not just about capturing images, it speaks of capturing feelings. Feelings are why I fell in love with being a lifestyle and documentary photographer. Feelings are what makes me excited to pick of my camera for each and every session. 

That being said, I feel compelled to photograph real stories of families, seniors, couples and businesses who are living, loving working authentically. But I have a special affinity for families on-the-go,  kids with big personalities, couples in love who wear their love and laughter on their sleeves and businesses who are centered on equality and empowerment.

So welcome to my website, you can scroll through some of my Instagram feed below,  read through some of the blogs (I just love writing!!) Simply Love | Simply Authentic | The Market | Circa Adopted 1986. and feel free to view my galleries of close-knit families,  cool seniors and head-over-heals couples in love. If you are interested in business photography and business related topics click here to access the Ebon Business Photography website.