Content Little Man

Newborn sessions can be a toss in the air. Is baby going to cooperate or will every pose be a battle worth winning for the photographer? Harrison's one of those newborns who was like "I just got here, its hard work adjusting so I am just going to sleep. Thanks, zzzzzzz." Which is a photographer's dream. Plus his cute grunting noises kept his mama and I giggling the whole session! So as this sweet faced boy reaches a month old, take the time to let his cuteness warm you! 

Side Note: While I purchase props for my clients to use during their sessions, I always LOVE using other options, such as items purchased by mom and dad or other family members; or even better, made by family members. While the giraffe and owl hats were purchased by Harrison's mama, the crocheted brown/green/cream hat and blanket were lovingly made his great aunt! The fisherman set was made by The Baby Pea