The Inside Details! {ID Senior Rep Search}

Applications are open for ID Photography's 2016 Senior Model Search! Want to know more about my Senior Rep Program? Look no further!

What is a Senior Model Program?

A senior model program is when a select few seniors for the upcoming year (i.e. graduation class of 2016) to represent ID Photography. That means YOU are the senior(s) that will be featured on my website, blog and social media. Your session may even be featured on other senior photography websites!

What does a Senior Rep do?

All ID Senior Reps are required to have their senior portraits taken by ID Photography during a Style Senior Session and are not allowed to model for any other photographer, boutique or business during your senior year. This is important because you become the face of ID Senior and will be asked to talk about about ID Senior portrait experience and hand out senior rep cards (provided at no cost), which could land you some senior rep goodies to go with your Styled Senior Session!  Senior Reps also MUST have parental consent to participate in the Senior Rep program. 

Who is a ID Senior Rep? 

I am looking for individuals who have strong unique qualities and style that appreciate quality photography and are willing to speak speak about their ID Senior experience. My ID Senior Reps MUST be active on Instagram and Facebook. Think you would make a great ID Senior Rep? Apply HERE! Applications close March 16, 2015

Senior Rep Perks

Senior Reps will received 10 digital images from their FREE  ID Senior Rep Mini Session. Senior Reps can also earn senior perks if their friends books Styled Senior Sessions with ID Photography. Referrals only count if your senior rep card is brought in, so make sure you pass out your ID Senior Rep Cards (example below).

Senior Rep Referral Perks: 

1 Referral = (1) FREE 8x10 Float Wrap

2 Referrals = (2) FREE Sets of Graduation Announcements

3 Referrals = (1) FREE 12x12 Custom Cover Senior Rep Album

4 Referrals = 50% of Senior Session

5 Referrals = FREE Styled Senior Session 

* Discounts and Free senior sessions will be refunded after all referrals have been booked and paid for in full.


All Senior Reps must schedule and pay for their Style Senior Session with ID Photography by March 16, 2015. Check out my 2016 Senior Portrait Guide to see what all comes with your session! 

There is NO ADDITIONAL cost to being an ID Senior Rep. Your ID Senior Rep Mini Session is FREE, and comes with 10 digitals and a set of Senior Rep marketing cards.

*Once you are accepted into the ID Senior Rep Modeling Program you will have to sign a contract WITH your parental guardian. I will follow up with your guardian with additional questions via a phone call. 

Applications are located here:

Sample of Senior Rep Marketing Cards

Sample of Senior Rep Marketing Cards