You Never Know Who You're Inspiring

Each year I look for new ways to grow my business. This year I choose to focus on networking, collaboration and building bonds with other creatives in southern Minnesota. That's how I came upon the lovely lady below.

Well, let me be honest. I Instagram stalked her first. She I had liked one of my images and I went to snoop in her profile. When I saw she was the creative behind  Pamela Hernandez Beauty I was giddy. I have wanted to add a VIP Glamour package for my high senior girls for their senior sessions. When the time was right I asked her out to coffee. What I didn't know then was I was meeting a kindred soul, a boss lady and mom who was looking for support just like I was. 

For this I am thankful.  Even better she agreed to be my model for a recent shoot-out for a Mankato Photography Network meet-up. She is full of life, sassy, genuine, confident and so happy. This qualities make you feel her beauty. And she hands down is my cheerleader when I am questioning something. THAT is how I see her beauty. That is how she has inspired me. So many times, we get to ripping and running, growing our own businesses that we can forget to encourage others or lend them an ear to vent to, despite differences. That is #communityovercompetition. strong. You never know who you're inspiring.