Hello 2018 | ID Photography | Southern Minnesota & Twin Cities Lifestyle Family & Wedding Photographer

Hello 2018 | ID Photography | Twin Cities Lifestyle Photographer

Its weird when before the old year ends, you know the challenges the new year will bring. When my local Rising Tide leader asked in our FB group what our word for 2018 was, I was stumped. I watched as comments came in for days and still couldn't come with a word that I wanted to live by in 2018.

That was December 30th, and two weeks into the new year I was still searching for a word. 

At first I was kind of in denial. Like, did I REALLY need a word to live by every new year? No, but then I thought about it. I am very much one of those people who believes in "SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE." Not because I am expecting something to magically be given to me just because I wanted it, but because it makes me more conscious of the actions I need to take to reach the goals I have with my life and my business.  

So back I went to thinking about this WORD. 

For two weeks. 

I  think what took me so long is I already knew 2018 was not going to be my typical year. Personally or professionally. On both fronts there are big changes underway and I am wrapping my head around how to approach all of these changes and execute my transition through it all flawlessly. 

I know, I'm setting myself up for failure with that train of thought. So I definitely nixed "Flawless" off  my word list. I am not one to romanticize any type of struggle, so that just wouldn't work.

Because being in control and life coming EASY is not the way 2018 is looking to shape up. More than anything I feel uncertain. Which isn't surprising seeing as change has been being served up daily as a meal in 2018.  

Then, via one of the weirdest 'ah ha' moments of my life (I was watching a video on The Queen Photographers Instagram about FB changing its algorithm again) I got it:  VALUE.  

val·ue: a person's principles or standards of behavior; one's judgment of what is important in life.

It seemed kind of ambiguous, but when I broke it down it made perfect sense.

VALUE your work. VALUE your community. VALUE your peace. 

Not that I wasn't doing these things before, but I realized there's strength in sticking to the basics of what is important to you when times are trying.

So here's to focusing on value. To knowing that my works is worth not just my price, but emotional gratification it brings my clients. To valuing my community. The tribe of people who encourage me to grow as business, care about giving people a voice, equal treatment of and enriching of others and who are always willing to help me navigate through my struggles. And lastly, to protecting my peace any way that helps me obtain balance. Putting my emails on auto reply (yep), to taking steps to healthier eating (most definitely) and to creating moments and capturing memories that help me stay inspire (Yes, Yes and YES!) 

And let me end by saying...I think 2018 will bring many amazing moments as 2017 did! Thank you!