Capturing Perfect {Slinger, WI}

The season for family photos is here. The phrase "family photos" alone may bring on a dramatic, heart-pounding, palm-sweating, nervous break down for some, but for me, it brings excitement. It brings warm-tingly feelings, like a breeze of fresh air because I, as a photographer, get to capture your perfect family!

Yes, I mean perfect. 

Because while you're trying to pull your family together and feel like your session is chaotic and not working out at all. You are far from right. On my camera, its working out perfectly. I am capturing sweet, funny, sad or mad (especially if you have two year-olds...they eventually cry or scream at some point), but the best of all I am capturing love. So to prove my point here are my four tips for capturing the personality of your perfect family.

Embrace the Crazy - Seriously. Expecting your family, regardless of their ages, to magically forgo the personality traits you love and drive you crazy at the same time, is completely unrealistic and completely unnecessary. Having your family pictures taken is not just about capturing a moment, but its more about having fun, creating a memory, and a feeling that you'll remember when you see your photographs.

Plus, gone are the days where 100% of family photos look like every other posed family photo out there. Your family has a special personality, let it shine!

Don't Force the Smile - I say this to all my clients. Especially to my clients with young children. Yes, your babies have cute smiles. I believe you. But it takes some of them a while to warm up to the camera. So follow my lead and don't panic. Being a family photographer means I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will create genuine interaction with your little loves and make them less camera shy. Plus, I am not above bribery and have on occasion carried blow-pop suckers when the going gets tough :). 

Play Fashionista - This is not about being matchy-matchy. It's about aesthetics, even more about fun bright colors and having a really good reason to surf Pinterest. Here's some fuel for that thought. Browse to your hearts content :)

Print it Big - You know the phrase 'go big, or go home'? Well, the phrase photographers use is 'print big for your home.'  All my session come with a gift display image in the size 8x10 or 11x14. These are great for image collages on shelves or desks, but if you are looking to display your images as a center piece in a living space I recommend a canvas 20x24 or larger. If you want to see how that looking in a living space click here!

And these tips would mean nothing if there wasn't a perfect family session to show you! Enjoy!