Finding Myself: Simply Authentic

I love the smell of spring. The excitement of the fresh breeze after a winter of being cooped up. I love the feeling of the sun. How it warms my skin and settles me and relaxes my core. I love the sound of the wild, the nature, the trees. Have you ever sat and just listened to nature? It echos. Birds call and repeat each other. A single bee buzz turns in to a symphony of bee hums as they flounce to and from their collecting duties. 

in the spring of 2015 my world was rattled when our youngest tiger was born early because I mysteriously developed HELLP Syndrome during my 8th month of pregnancy. Through the whirlwind of recovery, caring for a preemie, along other complications; I had to put business on hold. As hard as the break was, it was a blessing. It gave me fresh eyes and once the time came to pick-up my camera again I did something I do so rarely.

I started capturing moments for myself.

Moments that documented what I loved about my world.  

Its perfect that I found myself in something organic. When I started capturing my moments, my husband was wrapping up the planting of our first garden. I was enamored with the whole process of growing. It fit with the season of growth I was going through. It was a family activity that wasn't pretty, but it was rewarding. I knew I HAD to capture these moments as memories. The REAL US. not posed but, with each other in a moment that was fun and fresh.

In  these moments I found myself,  I found a new style. I found that I love regular moments that tell a story of a life; of celebrated relationships; fun activities.   I bonded with unexpected details that make a story warmer, more real.  An expression of concentration, or the spirit of how a child plays, or simply the comfort of two people in love holding hands. And I found I wanted to capture perfection in moments, not in poses. 

Hands down I want to offer these types of images to my clients. So I have been tweaking my business and the types of imagery I offer. Over the next month or so there will be major changes happening at ID Photography. Currently, my blog has a new name: Simply Authentic. This is in reflection of the thoughts and imagery that will be shared with you in this space. My goal remains the same: to provide moments you love, with the people you love most.  Now with the emphasis on capturing #authenthicmoments with the #authenticyou.  

Are you ready to be authentic with me? Because I am soo ready to capture the authentic you!