Being in the Moment | 2016 Recap | ID Photography | Mankato Family Photographer

2016. You were a year. And most years I would do my typical recap of my year showing my best of the best photos of 2016. And maybe eventually, I'll do that. But this year I want just want to show memories that filled me with gratitude, that kept me motivated and ultimately kept me centered. 

A lot of those memories center our our trip to Colorado. This trip was a reset for my heart and my mind. Many of you know that our middle son aka Stink experienced a traumatic head injury at the very beginning of summer. The images from those from the month of June still tear at my heart and are hard to look over. But almost two month after he was running through the gorgeous red paths of the Colorado Red Rocks Amphitheater. 

Minnestoa Photographer | Red Rocks  | ID Photography

And that's what HE needed what we all needed really. Time to explore and have fun, try new things and just be together as a family.  So camera in hand I made a point to capture my kids on during this "moving forward" getaway. And I absolutely love what I came way with. 

One of my photographer friends mentioned that she noticed a change in my photography after Stink's accident and now looking back at these images I see what she sees. Because I see how I was inspired by my child "being" in the moment. How he didn't look back or held back by fear or the memories of his ordeal.

And that is one aspect of 2016 I am so glad is coming with me into 2017.