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So yesterday the internet lost its mind. Beyonce dropped the news that she and Jay are expecting twins AND former president Barack Obama wore his hat backwards during a vacation outing.

All this on the first day of Black History Month. Seems fitting to me. lol. 

And the internet proceeded to have zero chill about either of these incidents. Especially, about Beyonce's maternity photos. I have seen them described as horrendous, tacky, 'gawd awful" are just a few. 

I have seen photographers share memes captioned when a "client says I have an idea" followed by the picture of Beyonce sitting on a bed of florals with a veil over herself. With a lot photographers chiming in about how BAD it is. 

When honestly, it doesn't matter. Because this proud pregnant mama loved her images so much she blasted them around the internet breaking records and sharing the artwork of a yet-to-be-named photographer (allegedly its Awol Erizku. but this has yet to be confirmed.) to fans and foes around the world. 

Yes, you heard me correctly. It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter if this was the vision of the photographer or the photo suggestions of client. Either way someone fell in love with the concept so much that it was delivered on-point, as asked for and so the client was happy. Or even vice versa.

I remember when I was first starting out and one of my loyal clients liked picking the props for her family's sessions. For her daughter's 3 month session she brought one prop that stumped me. It was a decorative urn. 

Family Photographer - ID Photography

Now easily I could have said no way, no how. But part of my job as a photographer is to deliver an image you love.  If what makes you love it more is a urn or a prop that's personal to you. Bring it on. I enjoy the challenge. Even now, knowing my style has evolved, I still enjoy the challenge of incorporating items my clients love in to their sessions. It helps tell THEIR story, I just capture it in a way that they absolutely love.

Mankato Family Photograher - ID Photography

Photography is an art form. It's very subjective. But at its root is storytelling. There are times where I, the photographer, am in full control of what that story is, but the majority of the time  the story comes directly from my clients lives, personalities, likes and dislikes, feelings toward the person or subjects I am photographing.

So in the end, if I produce work that isn't 100% spot on for my typical style its ok. And know that if you are a client of ID Photography I get to know you and your family so I can help tell your story in images you love.