3 Must-Do Tips for the Perfect Engagement Session | Intuition Weddings | Mankato Wedding Photographer

You've got the perfect partner. You've been proposed to and are officially ENGAGED!!!  You want your engagement session to reflect all of the great things you truly heart about your relationship. You pinned all the images you love to your wedding board on Pinterest, Now, its time for execution. As a lifestyle and documentary photographer I have three tips to make sure your engagement session turns out perfect!


{1} Select a Photographer that Suits Your Style:   This one may take a little bit,  but it worth taking your time on. Ask yourself, "Am I a traditional bride or nontraditional bride?" and "Do I like posed images are more candid moments?" Consult your wedding Pinterest board and you'll have a good idea of what you like!  Research photographers in your area and set-up consultations with your top 5.

{2} Inspire Your Photographer: There is nothing that gets my creative juices going more the a bride with a special or personal  themes/activities she wants to incorporate with her engagement session. Now I am not talking about Pinterest ideas. I am talking about things warm your heart with happiness. Like walking your fur buddies together, cooking a tasty meal or even go on a wine & cheese picnic. Bottom line, do whatever its is that you love doing with your honey. It's a great way to start telling your love story!

{3} Be Ready to Feel Your Emotions: Think of your engagement session as a precursor to all the feelings that your wedding day will bring. It's a time to wear your heart on your sleeve and let your partner in crime know how much you love him. If you are so overwhelmed you could cry, go ahead and cry (fellas that means you too). If you want to hold hands and make her laugh so hard she snorts (girls no shame! you know your man has the power to do that!) start telling the jokes you know will do the trick. Don't know what to say? Put your pencil to paper and write a love note. Read it to her. I promise the emotions that it evokes are just as strong. Don't worry about running out of things to say or few. I have a few questions up my sleeve to keep all those wonderful emotions going!