I Wish to Capture Simply Love

When you sit at the edge of a goal some times you wonder. "Is this really it?" You get excited jittery bugs in your stomach, you question every little move, and you are in disbelieve that your finally here at this moment. And then you jump, because, well you've got nothing to lose.

I am Brittany Nash, the owner of Intuition Weddings by ID Photography. And I am at THAT moment right now. Five years a go my goal was to be a photographer and eventually take what I loved to do and make it a full time job. Even when I started, I knew weddings were on my goal list. I didn't know when and I didn't know how. But I knew. And now I am here. Creating a wedding themed photography blog (and prepping for my first wedding show!). More specifically, a wedding blog that centers around documentary and journalistic wedding photography. 

I captured my first wedding a little over two years ago and it taught me a lot about my personal philosophy on capturing weddings (which I'll write more about later). But what sticks with me where the moments where I and my camera were invisible. I. LOVED. IT.  Because what was exposed was simply love. Expressed in the groom's expression, the couple's  conversation, in the simple holding of hands was so much love. 

These invisible moments are the bread and butter of the art of documentary wedding photography. They add a layer of sometimes strong, sometimes subtle emotion to a blissful day. So while I can't say the images above are my best examples, they represent where I started and how passionately I fell in love with documenting little moments of simply love. Those little moments grew until I graduated into my own brand of documentary wedding photography.

If you are bride who loves documentary wedding photography or documentary wedding photographer would like to feature your simply love weddings. Pull-up a chair, leave a comment. I am glad you are here and hope this blog helps you find your simply love moment.