The Answer is, Still and Again, Always Love | Clinton & Rebecca | Mankato Wedding Photographer | ID Photography

Weddings are hard. I am by no means trying to rain on the wedding season parade, because we all know I LOVE capturing love and  weddings. But the truth is weddings are hard, because relationships aren't easy. There's difficult beginnings, there's depth, there's layers. There's twists that leave you a bit disoriented and make you evaluate your feelings, so that, regardless of all the "hard" parts, your footing is sure moving forward in chasing, holding and keeping love.

That's why weddings are so beautiful. Because despite it all, there is love. And that's why capturing Clinton & Rebecca's country girl meets a city boy love story hits me straight in the feels. The simple details that show their contrasting personalities: simple touches of glitz & glam next to subtle touches of country. And the moments, these were MOMENTS.

The bride and her sister getting in close for their photos together, making funny faces at each other and laughing until their eyes watered. 

From afar I watched the pastor pulling the groom aside, "are you prepared to..." drifted to my ears.  

That's when I truly understood Clinton's deep calm next Rebecca's giddy excitement as I captured their day unfolding at Minneopa State Park. This day was about being prepared for the commitment they were making to each other, it was about the excitement for the new beginnings, rebuilding broken relationships and setting the foundation to continue what they had been doing all along, making each other better; for each other, for others and for the world. 

Because in the end no matter how hard or how complicated or how beautiful; the answer is still and again, always love.