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Winter is still hanging around in the Midwest, but its April but wedding season doesn't wait for winter to be over and it is upon us! And I cannot explain my excitement to play my role in the success of my couple's wedding day! 

And that goal is happiness...Before you say NO DUH. Hear me out.

Weddings are stressful. We spend months and sometimes YEARS pouring energy into one day. To the point were it can become tedious and exhausting. But the day of your wedding my job as your photographer is to make sure you are LIVING in your moment. Not just rushing from moment to moment, just to say say you had the moment.

You feel me? My job is about telling you it's ok to be nervous and capturing your mom or your best friend helping you keep calm by making you laugh. Or making sure you take a chance to enjoy your rekindled relationship with you sibling that you never thought would happen.

And for your partner, its capturing the brother/sisterhood that shows why he or she choose THESE individuals to stand with you both as you profess love and commit to each other. Its making sure you have the time so soak in the fact that your man went so far as to surprise you with a classic car as your get away vehicle. 

And last but not least, its about encouraging you and your love to take a moment away from action so you and you love can have a breather just to relax and reflect and maybe sip some wine.

Twin Cities Wedding photographer 

Because when the day comes that when I reveal their wedding gallery. THESE are the moments that make my clients cry, laugh and be filled with the happiest feelings.

So bring on wedding season on whether its winter, spring...or in our case sprinter and hail in the happiness!