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Planning a wedding can be stressful. There are a lot expectations to live up to, people to consider and your own wants and desires for your perfect wedding day to consider. And that's what I want to talk about this week on the blog.

Loving the vendors you hire for your wedding. I know what you must be wondering. "I am hiring them to do a job isn't it that simple?"

Yes, it can be. If you LOVE the vendors you are hiring.

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Love them because they are just in as love with your vision as you are, because their work is fantastic, because they make you feel comfortable leaving them responsible for providing their service that will ENHANCE your wedding day experience. 

It will decrease the amount of stress you feel the day of your wedding. This leaves room for you to enjoy the experience of being married. Because the one thing I stand by is: the last thing a bride or groom should be doing on their big day is managing vendors. They should be entrenched in the experience of being in love, saying vows to seal that love, and celebrating their nuptials with their friends and family.

But How do you KNOW you are in love with your vendors? It doesn't matter if its your photographer, florist, hair and make-up artist, wedding planner, caterer, here are some signs that you LOVE a particular vendor.

You Listen To Their VOICE. And they speak your language. This may seem weird, but let me explain. Your vendor is speaking directly to you. From the types of images they have of their products/services to how they tell you about their products/services...honestly at every touch point on their website or social media accounts, even to their emails to you. They get it, and they get YOU and it feels like they took all the garbled wedding thoughts in your head and understood without you having to say a word!

They Listen To YOU: This is huge, because now you've graduated from the infatuation stage of your relationship and now you're into the meat and potatoes of it. Based on what your vendor hears you say (and not say, a lot of the times) helps them help you in making decisions about your wedding. This helps them ask the right questions and this builds your confidence in them (and deescalates you stress!). 

They Care About Your Well Being: Meaning they understand when crap happens. When it takes you a while to respond to an email because let's face it, the world just doesn't want to stop so you can plan the weddings of your dreams. They understand. And they show you in little ways. Stressed about all the planning you have to do? They take time to let you vent a little (again...they LISTEN) or send you a nice little gift to show they understand what you're going through. It doesn't matter what they specifically do, but their actions show that they are on your team!

They Are Clear About Expectations: This seems kind of technical, but its really important because it means that they are willing to be transparent with you. I am of the belief that this transparency allows clients to ask questions and get exactly what they want. Does your vendor give you all their pricing options when they meet with you? This is important especially if you are working on a budget. Are they out of your budget? If they were transparent about costs ask what they can do within your budget or if not ask if they can refer another business that will fit your needs better. Because I am also of the belief, as business owner, that even if my services don't fit your needs there is a business out there that does. And I CARE enough to take a little extra time to connect you with them so you can have the wedding of you dreams!

And you can't tell me that doesn't feel good! 

Psst. These images are from a wonderful styled business branding shoot I did for Amber over at Meaningful Moments Events Planning & Coordination! 

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